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Newsletter No 1

Hello from my spanking new website! It's been a busy one with the launch of this new space to help centralise my wonderful podcast and make it easier for listeners to navigate. I am so excited and learning a lot about it means to run a website so bear with me while I iron out the finer details.

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking to Alan on BBC Radio Nottingham's Mid Morning Show on Friday. This gave me a real insight into the perspective of those who are less informed on mental health and empassioned me further. If you haven't listened and would like to, you can do so via this link:

Our lovely competition winner for the first 1000 listens was Ollie Maxwell which was announced in last week's episode. I would also like to mention Chloe, a listener who actually donated to the next coffee cup competition- it made my week so thank you very much Chloe. I'm still deciding whether or not to celebrate 2000 listens (which I am a hair's width away from) or save it for a bigger milestone- what do you think?

In this week's episode of Chewy Head Mental Health Podcast, I talk about personality disorders and discuss two patients 'Hannah' and 'Julian' who both had this diagnosis. It's a very interesting (if I do say so myself) insight into what it means to have a personality disorder and something that is definitely under-discussed in our society today.

I am working very hard at the moment on a mental health campaign which I plan to launch in the near future- watch this space!

Keep well,


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