• Eleanor Frith

Newsletter Issue 2

It's been nice to take a bit of time away from the podcast this past week to reflect on the process and enjoy some time with family. I've had a busy couple of weeks: guesting on another podcast- more details to follow on this, appearing on BBC Radio Nottingham and officially leaving my previous employment. It's been really positive to consider how far I've come even in just a few short months and to take stock of how positive the podcast has been for me personally as well as hopefully helping others.

In this week's episode, I discuss the crime associations with mental health through my experiences with a psychotic kleptomaniac. I talk about the perception of mental health and crime in the media: the 'dangerous' impression of different mental health disorders that are so often presented to the world. I consider how valid these portrayals are and hopefully offer an alternative viewpoint on this issue.

Next week, I'm doing something I've never done before and am inviting my husband on to the podcast. All being well, we will endeavor to remain civil and hear his take on psychiatric wards. Please do send in your questions for the following week's Q&A episode. I need contributions!

My podcast highlight of the week goes to Oliver Thompson-Smith and his mental health podcast You Wouldn't Know. I actually guested on this podcast a few months back, it is sensitive, insightful and well worth a listen if you so wish to. Listen here:

That's all for this week folks,


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